How to junk your vehicle in Richmond is an issue that many car owners are misinformed about. Some have no idea about how to junk their cars because their current car is the only scrap car they have had in their lives. They know very little because owning a car is a bridge they have yet to reach in their lives. Life, however, is full of expected lessons such as these, in which we learn about the temporary nature of our possessions.

How To Junk A Car Richmond

Junk your vehicle in Richmond today!


We are proud to show our customers the ins and outs of how to junk their vehicles. It’s a very simple process. All it involves is 1) removing possessions from your car, 2) turning in license tags and car titles, 3) getting the vehicle towed off of your property, and 4) selling your car to a body shop, car dealership, or a junk vehicle business.


The first step in how to junk your vehicle in Richmond is to remove your possessions from the car. You do not want the car towed before you get a chance to get your things. If you do, you’ll end up spending the money we gave you from selling us your car, to buy back the possessions you had lost.


What do I mean by possessions in the car? I don’t just mean t-shirts, hats, CDs, CD players, and other technologies; I also mean things like floor mats, stuff in your car pocket, old receipts, any car Velcro attachments, etc. A GPS navigator (attachable) is a prized possession to remove from the car. It is probably a good decision to go ahead and remove your things from the car once you decide to junk it for cash. That way, you won’t forget to take those things out. The goal of junking your car is to make cash, not lose it.


The next step is to return the license tag and car title in to the proper authorities. Usually, you will return the license tag to a Motor Vehicle division that is nearest you; the car title will be given to the one who tows your vehicle. If you do not have the car title, you will need to order one before you can get the vehicle towed. The cost to order a new car title is $25. You will have to write to the place from which you bought the vehicle and request a new title be sent. It will take some weeks to get there, which will further slow down the process of how to junk a car. The best advice we can give you here is to not wait until you decide to junk your vehicle to order the title. Secure the title before you decide to get rid of your vehicle the and everything will be fine. This will make the process very easy.


The next step is get the vehicle towed off of your property. It is a general rule that vehicles left on someone’s property unused may be towed by your city’s towing service. City governments today do not play around with property left unused or unattended. In an effort to keep cities, towns, and states clean, officials are doing all they can to lead the cleanup efforts. The last thing you need to find one day when you come home is that your vehicle has been towed away.


At our company, we recommend that, instead of finding a towing service, you come and see us. We will not only tow your car, but will give you a great price for your car. Junk has never been so profitable! Call us today! 804-616-4314