Every single day we receive many calls from people just like you wanting to know how to sell a car to a scrap place like us. Young, elderly, and middle aged callers complain about their rusty bucket of bolts that might get 8 miles per gallon on a good day going down a steep hill with a tail wind helping them along. They have unfortunately found that most of the time they are plowing into a head wind and traveling up hill. After hearing all of these complaint, I know where the term, “what a drag,” comes from. They ask what we can do for them to assist in the situation. Our trusted staff is always ready to give an answer to their questions and they actually look forward to hearing from you.

sell car richmond

You can sell your car today to us and get the most cash for your vehicle instantly. Call us now for a free quote!

The process is so easy you should not be able to find an excuse to not call us. To get started you will have to know the year of your vehicle and its make and model. We will ask a couple of questions about the condition that it is in and why you would like to get rid of it. There are no smoke in mirror scams and we won’t beat around the bush as we will make you an offer and then it is simply up to you to agree to it or not. Getting set up for pick up is just as straightforward. The time and place all depend on what is easiest for you. I know that getting cash for clunkers is not always effortless on your part as you call around local businesses, writing down offers and then comparing them to the competition, but you sell your vehicle right now to us, we will strive to make the process trouble-free. The method we use for selling a vehicle quickly is simple.

It doesn’t have to be a car. We take trucks and sport utility vehicles, too. In fact, more often than not, those gas guzzlers people want to sell are half ton pickups and beefy SUVs. Cummins and Powerstrokes were getting popular for a while because of their fuel economy, but now that diesel is at a record high people can’t afford to pay at the pump. Regular fuel is getting more enticing for some, so they downsize from their off-roaders to something smaller with less power and only four cylinders. It used to be fun to gun it and lay a heavy foot on the pedal, but now instead of revving that engine, you might just turn it off and desperately try to save every ounce of those fumes that you can. Road trips aren’t as cool these days, either. Taking multiple drives to the grocery store over the week becomes unwelcome and you try to cram as many groceries as possible into your cart so that you won’t have to waste any more gas. We are ready and willing to help you get out of your inefficient rig and get you cash to put down on something easier and more economical.


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