Cash For Junk Cars Richmond

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Close your eyes; lean back on your couch and relax.  Listen only to the sound of my voice and my voice alone.  Remember this name, Cash for your vehicles in Richmond.  Do you know what today is?  It is the day you are going on a trip up to the mountain.  You grab your suitcase that you packed the night before with cash in your pocket and walk down the stairs.  You walk into the kitchen where you start making a smoothie, but, instead of adding fruit and vegetables you dig into your pocket and start throwing wads of cash in.  As you are adding loads of cash, you wonder where it all came from.  You have the television turned on.  You over hear the television saying things like; we do buy cars, and sell your car today for cash; you then hear the phone number.  You drink your cash smoothie and walk out the door.  You load the trunk of your car with your bag of cash and you close it.  You don’t know why but you jump on top of your car and you start pretending to dance.  The neighbors are coming out their front doors staring at you while you are performing this routine.  You slide down the side of your vehicle.

You walk over to the driver door and you get inside your car.  Starting the your car you drive off into the sunset.  You notice hundreds of cars everywhere as far as the eye can see, vehicles with blown head gaskets and broken timing belts, you also see cars that are still running; oh what a sight!  Where did all these vehicles come from?  If there was only a car buyer somewhere that could get all these off the road.  Well, you know there is, it was on your television this morning; talked about free scrap car removal.  You can’t seem to get it out of your head.  All you hear is the same thing over and over again.  You start getting a headache from these words running through your head constantly.  You start feeling like you need to make a phone call and then……

Your car all of a sudden breaks down. You don’t know what to do. Or do you?  You pull out your phone and you start to dial the number.  You hear a gentle voice of a scrap car buyer on the other line, telling you it’s going to be okay.  “We offer the most cash guaranteed, he says.” Now I am going to count down from 3 and when I say 1 I will snap my fingers and you will wake up, in 3, 2, and 1.  Now open your eyes.  “Don’t take my words for it I am just your psychiatrist, I used them last week”. “They know what they are talking about and they are there to help you out.”  When you get off the phone, we will leave you smiling. Call us today!