Looking for somewhere to junk your car in Richmond? Perfect! Do you ever remember watching the movie “Beauty and the Beast?” The part I like the most about it is not the plot itself, but the story before the plot begins. It is all about a prince who lived in a castle. One night, an elderly woman came to the prince’s castle in order to seek shelter from the bitter cold. The prince came to the door and the elderly woman told him who she was and her need for shelter. The prince refused to grant her shelter. “Go away,” was his basic response. The woman insisted that she be given shelter, but the prince would not budge. Finally, to the prince’s surprise, the elderly woman turned into a beautiful princess. He was stunned, speechless, and yet ashamed. For, in turning away an “elderly woman,” he had turned away a good princess who could have been of valuable aid to him. As a result of his hard-heartedness, the princess placed a curse upon the prince, and told him that he was to forever remain a beast until he found true love. In other words, his exterior (beastly appearance) became compatible with his interior (beastly heart).

Sometimes, scrap car dealers can be beastly in their behavior. As did the prince, they can often see customers as nothing more than owners of a precious commodity. However, it seems somewhat illogical for car owners to look at the “junk” vehicle as though it is something beautiful (like a princess), while treating the automobile owners as though they are unwanted and worthless. When a scrap car has more value than a car owner, something has gone terribly wrong!

At our commpany, we take care in how we treat our car customers. We realize that while cars matter to us, car owners matter most. We understand the memories you’ve made with your car, how your car has been a faithful transportation medium through rain, snow, sleet, hail, tropical storm, lightning storm, etc. Now, after all this time, your car is too old to go on. Yes, it’s time to sell the car!

Junk Car Richmond

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Do not despair, because we do buy junk automobiles and the process of junking a car is really simple. First, you need to rid the car of the license plate and car title. The license plate should be returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) nearest you; the car title should be handed in to the car tower. The next step to junking your vehicle is to remove all of your possessions in it, everything from old CDs and cassette tapes to steering wheel covers, extra change in your car pocket, car manuals above your seat, floor mats, old shirts, and car supplies such as gasoline, windshield scrapers, cable jumpers, and spare tires in the trunk. Once all your items have been removed, you should then decide where you will scrap your car, what person will you sell your car too. When it comes to a transaction that will place cash in your pocket, we recommend you look no further than our company.

We are located in Richmond, Virginia, a city that was so named because of its “rich mounds” or rich hills. The translation of riche monde (French for “Richmond”) is fitting, for their burial mounds contained much fertilizer that was good for soil growth. The numerous hills in Virginia may have appeared as a nuisance, but they were more of a blessing than meets the eye.

We want you to think of our business like you think of the rich, fertilized soil: we may seem like little, but we have much to offer. We’re a junk vehicle business, and we understand that scrap cars don’t get the same treatment as cars in near-perfect condition. Still, junk vehicles hold some value in this world. Think of all the car owners who would go out of business if we were not open! Think of all the individuals that would not have a great-running car if we did not refurbish the junk automobiles and make them drive-worthy again!

When you prepare to junk your clunker, think about your city, Riche mond (Richmond). Underneath the soil is a gold mine…and underneath the car name, is where we are as well. Call us now for a free quote! 804-616-4314