Finding a junk removal company in Richmond, VA can be pretty difficult. You need to be careful because many businesses in the area will aren’t businesses at all. They are actually just a guy with a tow truck trying to make a secondary income. They may entice you by offering you more money for your car, truck, van or SUV. Most likely they cannot except vehicles without Titles, which we can except vehicles with or without Titles. Why is it important to avoid these people? Because there is

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no guarantee on what will happen to your vehicle after you sell it to them. Some junk removal businesses, and we use that term lightly, are just looking to get vehicles for cheap. Sometimes if you are lucky you can land a vehicle that still runs and drives. There have been many cases where the buyer of the vehicle will continue to drive the vehicle themselves without ever registering it. So, if the vehicle gets any parking tickets, or impounded, you will be the one getting the tickets in your mailbox a month or so later.

Find a legitimate removal business! We cannot stress enough how important that is because of the dangers that selling your junk vehicle for cash entails. We have heard of many horror stories of what happens with some people’s cars that they sold to a “business.” Used in crimes, receiving parking tickets etc. If you do business with anyone, be sure to obtain their business name, as well as their number. It’s not a guarantee, but it will definitely help you deter away any sharks who are giving the business a bad name.

The number one thing you can do to make sure you aren’t liable for anything, is to report the sale of the vehicle by getting the guys business address. Which is probably just a house address. Be sure to ask for their Driver License I.D. to verify the address. If they are legitimate, state law requires the trucks to have the “Business Name” and “Address” of the business on the tow truck to legally be able to tow vehicles. It’s essential you obtain the address.

Hopefully these points will help you in finding the best removal service in Richmond. However; you can always go with us since we pay cash for all automobiles, cash, trucks, vans and SUV.  It doesn’t matter what kind of condition your vehicle is in we buy all kinds of junk vehicles.  Don’t hesitate to call us now.  We will buy your car today and pay you today.  When our driver shows up, you hand over the title and keys and we will hand over your money.  You have never experienced a place until you have experienced our business.  Call us now for a free quote and we will get you in the system for a pick up.  Come check us out, Call us now!

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