Where to Junk a Car Richmond

You might be wondering Where to Junk a Car in Richmond, Richmond is a term of Old French origin, composed of French terms riche (rich) and mond (mound, hill). Thus, the name “Richmond” means “rich hill.” The Old French origin of the Anglicized name points back to the city’s early pre-colonial history in which America was dominated by the French. The phrase “rich hill” probably refers to the fertile soil of the city, which at the time was good for growing plants and yielding crops—an abundance of harvest.


Richmond has much to offer, as it is not only a place of education with schools like the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech University, but also a place where confederate War homes still dominate the city (estimated at a minimum $2 million). Richmond is certainly a “rich hill,” if by this you mean that she houses several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the territory.
We want to live up to the “rich hill” name of the city of Richmond in our business. We want to be as resourceful as the soil of this city is. With our customers, we want to provide a service that is necessary for the growth and sustenance of city life that makes us as valuable as this city was to the French. And how do we do this? We simply serve Richmond residents as the place in the city where you need to go to junk your car.


For some car owners out there, we realize that your car holds sentimental value to you. It’s been with you through all the travels of the last few years, through congested traffic and clear traffic, accidents and smooth sailings, rain, snow, sleet, or hail…you’ve always been able to count on your vehicle to get you where you need to go. Now, the vehicle is merely a shell of what it once was. The car cannot start, has merely died, and is just sitting in your backyard or car garage, taking up space. Your car has come to the end of the road and is just adding to the clutter of your backyard or garage. It’s time to do something to get that clutter out of your garage and backyard, as well as out of your life.

Where to Junk a Car Richmond

You can junk your vehicle here with us!


We understand that you may not want to part ways with your vehicle, that you want to keep it as a keepsake, to remind you of the good times. But with the current economy we find ourselves facing, you may wanna take the extra money and use it towards your daily expenses. For those of you that are well-to-do and do not need the money, perhaps going where you can to junk your vehicle will provide some money you can donate to a cancer or HIV/AIDS research fund in the country. Perhaps the money can go to someone you know needs a few extra groceries this month, or cannot pay their bills. Perhaps you have a relative that is struggling. Think of all the good the cash for your junk vehicle could do for you or for someone you know (or even a total stranger).

Let us do what we can to help you transition from your old car to cash in your pocket. Though the car holds sentimental value, we’re sure our cash will hold just as much sentimental value for you if not more. If you need to know of a place where you can go to junk your vehicle, stop by and see us. Remember the “Richmond” (rich hill) of the Richmond junk vehicle removal business.